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Each team operates with its unique dynamics, and every project presents its distinct set of challenges. These factors significantly influence the decisions regarding the extent of delegation by the design team and the specific type of partnership needed.

We have 3 Tiers of Partnerships that cater to the different amounts of delegation and sharing of responsibilities.

Modeling Service

Tier 01 - 3D Modeling Assist

In this partnership, we help engineers in offloading the task of 3D modeling. 


We collaborate using the 2D markups supplied by the Engineers, staying behind the scenes without actively participating in meetings. Our communication is solely with the Engineers, who are accountable for sharing meeting notes, model updates, deadline adjustments, and Submission Schedules.

The partnership will begin at the Conceptual Stage and will be concluded at the IFC Drawing Submission

Tier 02 - Design Support and 3D Modeling Assist

In this partnership, we are actively involved with the Engineering team in the design process. BlueSpace BIM team will participate in the meetings, will take notes during meetings, and will keep track of everything that is changing and will also access the model updates on BIM 360 or Other FTP's.

The level of Engagement in Design depends on the Engineering team. In past we have worked with some Engineers who have delegated designs for all units for both HVAC and Plumbing and the Engineering team would only review the layouts that our team Designs.


Engineers would give us general guidelines and our team would work within these guidelines to create designs which match their standards.This level of Partnership works best for most of the Engineers as they delegate

Design Assist
Design Build

Tier 03 - Design Build Support

In this partnership, we work with the Engineering team and the Mechanical / Plumbing Contractors. Our participation starts from the Conceptual Design Phase and we are actively involved until the last installation shop drawings are approved.

BlueSpace BIM is responsible for Modelling and printing Design Drawings the design model as well as modeling the Mechanical and Plumbing during the Coordination Phase and printing the Coordination Overhead Shop Drawings as well as the Sleeve Drawings. 

With the active collaboration of the Design team, Project Management Team from Contractors, and Experienced BlueSpace BIM team, the project's sucess is assured without a doubt. 

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