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The Story behind BlueSpace BIM

How We Got Started

With extensive experience in the coordination of over 100 projects, we have encountered numerous design-related challenges that led to a high number of RFIs and CCDs. Where many were primarily the result of oversights during the Design Coordination Process

Founded in 2020, we have developed a reputation for helping MEP Engineers that reaches much further than just our home base in Virginia. We have contributed our expertise to numerous projects, collaborating with design teams to enhance design efficiency and proactively address coordination challenges. Recognizing the intricate engineering involved in building MEP design, we assume the role of coordinating with architectural, structural, and interior design teams, allowing engineers to concentrate on their core engineering tasks.



Wardman Park Building A and B
Wardman park

BlueSpace BIM partnered with the Design engineer to assist in the Design and 3D Revit modeling for the Mechanical and Plumbing Scope.

This $360M project located in Northwest DC consists of 900 apartment units. We helped Engineers in designing all the units as well as Coordinating the Mechanical and Plumbing designs with the Architectural, Structural, and Interior Elements.  

3200 Pen Street
3200 Pen Street

Located in the South East DC, this project is a 6-story Mixed-use Concrete and Wood Hybrid Building Structure. BlueSpace BIM has partnered with the design Engineers to assist in the Coordination and 3D Revit modeling for Mechanical and Plumbing trades. This partnership has helped the design engineer focus only on design and BlueSpace BIM has helped in taking over the task of coordinating with ceilings and structure as well as 3D modeling and Printing the Drawing sets for IFC Submission.  

Eisenhower Tower Block 20

Located in Alexandria East, this is 26 floors above ground and 5 parking floors underground Structure. This tower would comprise of 400 apartment units and a hotel. This Project was a design-build project where our team partnered with the design team during the design phase to create contract drawings as well as worked with the contractors during the construction phase to create Construction shop drawings. 

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