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Modern Glass Building

 BlueSpace BIM
 Designing with Focus on Buildability 

Where Construction Expertise Enhances Design Excellence 


​​With 7 years of experience in the MEP industry and participation in over 100+ projects during the construction Phase, we've gained a profound understanding of the critical areas where design and construction often diverge. Recognizing these disparities is vital because they can lead to deviations from the original design intent during construction.


Our extensive project experience equips us to collaborate with engineers during the design phase, enabling us to enhance and refine their designs to bridge these gaps effectively.


Our primary objective is to assist engineers in creating designs that Minimize RFIs (Requests for Information) and CCDs (Construction Change Directives).

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We recognize that each project presents unique challenges and demands a tailored approach. However, we firmly believe that the collaboration between the design team and a robust coordination team is essential for achieving outstanding results in every project. Consequently, we view coordination as an indispensable, non-negotiable component of our process, making it the cornerstone of all our services, with all other aspects considered secondary. With this perspective in mind, we provide three distinct partnership approaches.


BIM assist service 1

Tier 1

3D Modelling Assist

In this partnership, BlueSpace BIM helps the design team convert their 2D sketches into 3D Models in Revit and print the different sets of drawings for various rounds of submissions.

Engineers have the most legwork in this process and we only help relieve the modeling efforts ( and identify the coordination issues as well as suggest solutions ) 

BIM service 2

Tier 2

Design support and 3D Modeling assist

In addition to our role in tier 1, In this partnership, BlueSpace BIM also helps the design team in Designing the  HVAC and PLB Elements. 

The extent of the design assist/ support depends on how much the design team feels comfortable in delegating. 

BIM service team 3

Tier 3

Design and Coordination Assist in Design Build Projects

In this Partnership, BlueSpace BIM partners with the Engineering Team and the Mechanical/Plumbing Contractors and is involved actively from the design phase until the shop drawings are signed off for the construction.

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